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The Real Estate Investor Series

Ease of Access To Property Funds- A Focus on Mortgages and Housing Funds

As an Employee, Business-owner or Entrepreneur with a track record of regular income and savings, a mortgage is an efficient way to raise the additional funds to purchase a property either as a home or an an investment similar to company shares and government bonds or treasury bills. In Nigeria, 

Mortgages have been generally expensive with high interest rates and short repayment periods which exclude the average person from owning a home or investing in property.

The mortgage landscape is changing with the recent report of a proposed Central Bank of Nigeria 200bn Intervention Housing Fund. This intervention will dramatically change the current state of inaccessible mortgage loans as lower interest rates and longer repayments period will be given to qualified applicants.

Understand and be informed  at The June Real Estate Investor Series themed "Ease of Accessing Funds- Mortgages and National Housing Funds. 26.09.19 | Muson Center, Onikan, Lagos

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